Welcome to the course! I'm really glad you're here. In this introductory lecture we'll go over the course content and get to know a bit more some of the key things that we'll talk about. I'll give you a quick overview of the upcoming lectures in this course, and we'll also give defining the 'native speaker' a first shot. So before you watch the lecture, make some notes on a tentative definition of a 'native speaker'. Also, think about these question:

  1. Should the 'native speaker' be the only language model presented in class? Why (not)?
  2. Which English or Englishes should we teach in class?
  3. What about the cultural models?
  4. What influence does the 'native speaker' have on teaching materials?
  5. What are the possible ways forward, beyond the 'native speaker' in ELT?

Having watched the lecture, post your thoughts on some of the questions I asked you to think about earlier in the comments section below. Also, if you've got any questions or doubts about the contents of this or the upcoming lectures, use the comments section below to start the discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you.