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I'm going to share with you all my tips, tricks and tactics that will help you tackle your pronunciation teaching fears and boost your confidence so you can successfully deliver your next pron class.

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...why a foreign accent is NOT a problem, so you feel at ease with your English to CRASH the 3 biggest worries that stop you as a 'non-native speaker' from confidently teaching pron

...3 reasons why as a 'non-native speaker' YOU can be a great pronunciation teacher to deliver your next pron class with confidence following these 6 easy steps

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar, and I look forward to liberating myself from the native-speaker paradigm by finally putting my students' needs first. Thank you, Marek for an enjoyable and eye-opening discussion."

- Frank Grimes, English Teacher in Saudi Arabia

"Marek's webinar on pronunciation is both enlightening and encouraging (especially for non-native speaker teachers of English and their students, who often worry about their accents). The bottom line is that intelligibility is the main criterion, so fluent and proficient speakers should not worry about and, instead, should actually cherish their accent and treat it as part of their bravery to learn a foreign language and as a marker of their identity. "

- Eli Bekes, English Teacher in Ecuador

About the Presenter

My name is Marek Kiczkowiak and I am a 'non-native speaker' teacher like yourself. Despite the widespread discrimination in ELT job ads, I've managed to find my way around and have successfully taught English in 7 different countries, and am currently teaching at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. For several years now, I've been helping 'non-native speaker' teachers overcome the discrimination, become more confident and teach English successfully. I've delivered training sessions and plenary speeches across the world. I'm also a big believer in on-line education and I've been helping 'non-native speakers' achieve their goals through webinars and on-line courses.

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